Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Character Discussion: FAB FOUR.

Yes, yes I know it's looking shabby but I've got a 5 day weekend to fix it up!

In the meantime, I thought we'd get something rolling about the main characters. Here's how it will go: I'll ask a few questions, answer them with my thoughts, then you're free to give your own opinions in the comments. Don't feel limited to the questions I asked but try and keep the discussion to Gemma, Felicity, Ann and Pippa for this post.

1. Do you like Gemma as the heroin of the trilogy?
2. How do you like Felicity, Ann and Pippa?

Personally, I like Gemma because she is awkward and less than perfect. 
At first I hated Felicity, but I've really gotten to like her. It was interesting to see her weakness (the thing with Polly and the admiral) but I hate how she takes advantage of Gemma. 
I've never like Pippa! I've been trying to figure out if she's always been "evil" or if she turned bad after she entered the realms for good. I'm starting to think she was always bad but there was never an oppurtunity for her to showcase it. She is selfish and everything, but I have have a feeling that if she was alive she would still be mean to Mr. Darcy (haha).
Ann. I want to kill her. She needs a backbone and some more personality. All she does is feel sorry for herself. She's depressed and that's ok but ONE redeeming quality would be nice. 

Kartik will have a character discussion of his own once I finish :)


  1. Hmm...I think the realms made Pippa bad based on what Gemma's mother said about staying in them for too long in book one.

    Ann annoys the crap out of me. Such a crybaby.

    Felicity is the most complex character in the books I think...which is weird and kind of a let down. Gemma needs a little more complexity. But I love her just the same.

    I don't think her story is over - there needs to be more books!

  2. I really like Gemma, i think she is an empowering character and even in the hardest situations she always seemed to know what to do. Plus i think she was super relateable.

    lol an ann was really annoying like it seemed through the whole series that she really did nothing but complain about herself.

    Kartik is a god lol. I dont really know what you can say for him besides that. Like i love how he knows he loves Gemma so much, but he fights it because he doesnt think it's right. But i really like how him and gemma develop. I didnt like the end though, and that's all i am going to say on that.

  3. Gemma's pretty cool, i liked her as the heroine. She tries to make everybody happy.
    As for Felicity, she pissed me off at times but i kind of understood her better when i got to know how her childhood was, so she's ok too.
    I felt like slapping Ann in the face a lot though...she never stops whining.
    And Pippa seriously gave me the creeps ever since she died. I hated her all the way through. She's so selfish and evil.
    And for Kartik... well he's just an amazing person. and I have to agree with Stacie: the end of the third book was not what i was hoping for.

  4. i finished yesterday. i'm still depressed.
    AHJHHHHHH. it didnt even make sense.

  5. haha didnt you hate the ending, i was so mad!

  6. ya i know! i actually cried a bit at the end. i couldn't believe he was really gone.

  7. i know i did too!! like i hated the way that she ended i wish it would have been done differently.

    I am going to skip the character analysis thing and just say this: I hated the ending SO MUCH!
    okay, i liked it just a little, but only because everyting went back to normal, but Kartik wasn't suppposed to DIE.
    And as for the "not making sense" part, I totally agree with Nyera. Ans I also think that the books should conitnue on to her new life in NY. That would be so cool if Gemma moves on to another life...you know, without so much drama.

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  10. lol i loved your analysis Janella it's perfect.

    But Nuha i really think they could do something like that with Gemma in her new life but i think that it would be lacking something and it could get a little boring. But seriously the end sucked ass and i really hated how it happened. Like why!! Why did he half to die. I could think of a 100 better ways it could have ended.


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