Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The End (spoilers obviously)

I wasn't a big fan of the ending. I just thought it was kinda cliche that Kartik was sacraficed to keep Gemma alive. I did like how Gemma dreamt of him waiting across the river. I also didn't like the 6 or so chapters after Kartik's death. But Gemma's choice to move to New York was a good way to end the book. Something I didn't understand was Gemma's outburst of feminism when she was talking to Mrs. what's her face (I forgot her name haha, the headmistress of Spence). It was a strong statement but a little random.

Ok some questions for discussion:
1. Did you like the ending?
2. What are your thoughts on the final battle?
3. How about post-battle?

I was depressed for like 3 hours. He's still alive in my mind, haha.


  1. Wahoo! first comment on the new site!... anyhoo...
    Okay, i hated the ending cuz of Kartik's death, but i liked the New York part and the dream.
    I think both battles were good though, but i was really sad when that teacher died (i forgot her name),and of course Kartik!
    As for depression, well i cant remember, but it was probably like a few hours or so, it's hard to believe he's really dead.

  2. Lol i absolutely despised the ending!! Like they finally starting to have things really working out for them, kartik and gemma, and then it all gets ripped away cause he's essentially killed by a tree!! I was so mad!! I loved them together and i was hoping it would end perfectly, but i do give libba bray credit for writing a completely unexpected ending, but the book overall was really good.
    I wasnt really depressed my initial reaction was more like what the hell just happened, and then i had to re read it to make sure i got it right lol.

  3. i am reading these books instead of doing my term paper. bad decision. :( i love it though. i love kartik and i already know he dies even though i only read the first book. it makes me depressed. :(


  4. haha yeah reading those is much better than term papers.

    yeah that stinks though that you already know that he dies though but it is really depressing lol.


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